Lithuanian born, graduate of Vilnius University Law School where Taty successfully practiced law, and created a widely read European Fashion Magazine.  In the United States, since becoming a citizen, Taty has been a Commercial and Mortgage Lender at Bank of America, and a licensed Financial Advisor.

Favorite Quotation: ”Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

Favorite food:anything with white chocolate.

Favorite wine: Pink Champagne and Madame Fleur Rosé.

If you go into her closets looking for skeletons, all you will find are shoes.

As a Realtor she brings her marketing and networking skills and some European Style and Fashion to help her clients find their perfect lifestyle. 

Her Real Estate team is multilingual. 

 So when you decide to buy or sell a home in the Atlanta areas, please contact Taty.